Teaching & Graduate Students

Kyoto University

email: optimalforager  ‘at’ hotmail ‘dot’ com

Introduction to Ecology

Synopsis: In this course we examine the biology of how animals live in their environments and interact with other individuals. We start at the level of the individual and work our way up to communities and ecosystems.

Introduction to Evolution

Synopsis: In this course, we move from describing the evolutionary processes that contribute to populations and species evolving over time (microevolution) to examining evolution above the species level (macroevolution). We will then integrate the two to give an understanding of the history of life.

Methods in Ecology and Natural History

In this course we will use field techniques such as point counts to obtain a data set from different parts of urban Kyoto and make comparisons among them in order to understand the effects that urbanization has on avian abundance and diversity. More about the research that I would like to address is explained on my homepage which outlines some of my current research interests.

Introduction to Bird Study (Ornithology)

In this course, we will examine birds by considering their defining characteristics, form and function, behavior, life histories, ecology, and conservation. In doing so, the aim is to gain a thorough understanding of this interesting and diverse group of animals.

Post-Graduate Students: I welcome inquiries from potential students who might want to conduct research on animal behavior, avian biology, and evolutionary ecology especially with an emphasis on birds, insects, or fish.

Current Students

13490879_10207888803671490_8231388899393366063_oHe Ruchuan, M.S. candidate at Guangxi University (2015-2017). Ruchuan will study Batesian mimicry for his masters thesis research topic. He is conducting a large field-based test of the effect of mimic density on predation. He will start to collect his data at the end of 2016 and expects to complete his thesis in 2017.


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