Cover image of a Great Tit (Parus major) nestling for Journal of Zoology.

May 2017: Congratulations to Ruchuan He who published his first, 1st author paper in Behavioural Processes.

Apr 2017: Won a JSPS grant in aid of research to examine the effects of changes in the frequency of Batesian mimics and variance in prey strength within the context of a behavioural and ecological framework.

Mar 2017: Delivered a talk at the Japan Ecological Society meeting where I talked about the relationships between hatching asynchrony, nestling mass asymmetry, and parental behaviour type.  We are currently preparing a manuscript from these data.

Jan 2016: Starting data collection: We have started collecting data for our large field study of Batesian mimicry.

Cover Picture: Our paper was featured on the latest cover (September, 2016)  of the Journal of Zoology (below). Congratulations to everyone who was involved.

2016 Ornithological Society of Japan annual conference at Hokkaido University: I will attend the OSJ meeting from 16-19 September in Sapporo, Hokkaido to present a talk about a project I have started with students in my undergraduate classes. We have started counting birds with the intention of over time building a data base that we can use to examine the long term population trends of bird populations throughout Kyoto. There is scope to collaborate with researchers in other areas of Japan (and perhaps Asia) using students for research to gather data on population trends of birds.

2016 ISBE in Exeter: I will attend the ISBE at the University of Exeter in the United Kingdom to present a talk on some of my old data which I collected in collaboration with Toshitaka Suzuki.

Congratulations to Emilio: Congratulations to my collaborator Emilio Pagani-Nunez whose commentary (which I was lucky enough to be a coauthor on) was accepted in Journal of Zoology.


2 Responses to News

  1. Congratulations Craig on your paper being featured on the cover of the Journal of Zoology!

    • Hi Amadio, Sorry, I did not see your message and Nozomi told me you said hi. Thanks for your congratulations. We are still working hard and i hope to publish many new things in the near future. Hope to catch up with you next time Nozomi goes to Tokyo. Or you are always welcome to visit us in Kyoto! Take care, Craig

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