Wider impacts

Since the beginning of my publishing career in 2007, my work is beginning to be cited. However, this does not necessarily give a complete picture of this work’s impact. Therefore, here is a non–exhaustive list of some links to blogs, news outlets, textbooks and other sources that discuss my research. I list them in relation to each paper.


The ability of North Island robins to discriminate between humans is related to their behavioural type.

A NZ science education website

A blog post by Sarah Koopman

A blog post by Aries Munandi

Xinhuanet: the official news agency of the People’s Republic of China

3News: NZ news website

A brief Radio NZ interview


Educated predators make strategic decisions to eat defended prey according to their toxin content.

Cited in Chapter 7 of this textbook


Energetic state and the performance of dawn chorus in silvereyes (Zosterops lateralis).

Cited in a number of books including: 1 2 3

New Zealand Herald


Experimentally increased in ovo testosterone leads to increased plasma bactericidal activity and decreased cutaneous immune response in nestling house wrens

Cited in this textbook.


Strategic mass regulation and diurnal singing behaviour of New Zealand robins

 A blog post by Jennifer Verdolin


Silvereyes Zosterops lateralis increase incubation attentiveness in response to increased food availability

Used as an example on Conservation Evidence website


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